Monday, January 28, 2013

6 Year Old GD's First Quilt Making Experience

The kids were down from Wisconsin for a few days and I was able to have some quilt time with Natalie.

I had some Halloween charms and Natalie did her own lay out. Then I assisted her with the machine to stitch them together....sure glad I had speed control on my machine and push button start.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

First 2013 Finish....Doll Quilt

The grandkids will be here in the morning and I wanted to whip up a doll quilt for my GD, Natalie.  I used some four patches that I already had on hand (some sections just don't have enough contrast with the background) and had enough yardage of some of the fabric to use for a border, backing and binding.  I should have pieced some Warm and Natural batting scraps, but instead used some batting (probably a blend) that came in a hand quilting kit (long since given up on that idea). It's just a bit more stiff than I would like, but it will make a nice picnic quilt for her American Girl doll.
We have reservations for lunch at American Girl in Atlanta next Friday and while we're there Natalie will pick out items for her doll for her Christmas present.

I used Sharon Schamber's binding method using Elmer's School glue and really like it...although I need to adjust the amount I'm able to pull to the back to machine sew the binding down. Boy is my binding full!
It's a hit with me!