Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers and Bears Fans In This House!!

When the two long time rivals play each other it's always a fun time for us. There's always cheering, booing and some whining doing game time.

I had spent most of my life in Wisconsin and Sweetie in and around Chicago, so our team loyalty is still strong even after the move to Georgia. Which reminds me...even though you changed the colors from green and gold...we know you stole our G design...I'm just sayin!

Anywho, Sweetie and I will be on the love seat at game time and I don't even have to think about dinner...enough fancy beef stew (Boeuf Bourguignon without the bacon)left from last nights dinner/pool/cards at our house...Yum!!!

GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Ever Crafty Project - 1973

Well, it's my first other than 4-H and Home Ec sewing, but I didn't really choose to do that.

I was a poor college student and it was Christmas time and I was in need of some cheap presents. Some of my sorority sisters and I went to a little ceramic studio in someones basement and glazed a variety of different gifts.

I must have had a little spare change and made this for myself. My mother received a cute baked bean pot (IMHO), which I'm sure she never used and probably didn't take it out of the box again after it was so many other presents...this is material for mother/daughter relationship blog...bygones!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Found More UFO's For The List

As the blog title infers, I have more UFO's...however, this is the only one that hasn't slipped into the realm of UUO...Unfound Unfinished Object.

This started out as a test piece for making a sign for the end of our driveway (still in planning stage)and turned out so well, I just had to keep it. In the beginning, it was just the top piece with our names on and it ended up on our little dinning table on the back porch. Then I thought it needed something more, so I added the "reserved for" part. Then, after Sweetie was tinkering around in his shop, he presented it to me in this form. Now all it needs is a few coats of sealer and wax.

Yes, we have a lot of snow (for here) and the freezing rain is suppose to start this afternoon. Which means that we will have a few days rest in between workouts...have been going at least five days a week. Also, it will be the second month in a row that we have had to skip having our guild business meeting.

We can get thru pretty much anything (except ice) in the Durango, but there isn't any reason to bother...I doubt if anything is open and we're pretty well stocked up.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay home y'all!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Wall Of Shame

I've joined Susan's Blackberry Creek UFO Bust 2011 and here's everything that was on the list that I sent Susan. The oldest thing on the list is Santa from the late 90's, followed by the ABC blocks started around 2007. Everything else was started in 2010.

OK...I just remembered I have one more UFO...but it's not going on my list. It's the first quilt top I pieces (almost twin size) which I started hand quilting and may someday finish...but probably not (for sure!!) in 2011.