Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Ever Crafty Project - 1973

Well, it's my first other than 4-H and Home Ec sewing, but I didn't really choose to do that.

I was a poor college student and it was Christmas time and I was in need of some cheap presents. Some of my sorority sisters and I went to a little ceramic studio in someones basement and glazed a variety of different gifts.

I must have had a little spare change and made this for myself. My mother received a cute baked bean pot (IMHO), which I'm sure she never used and probably didn't take it out of the box again after it was so many other presents...this is material for mother/daughter relationship blog...bygones!


  1. I can't believe you still have it! I love it! Do you still use it for flowers or anything. You caught the crafting bug early on!

  2. Looks very well done & I like the finish you applied. My only experience with ceramics was starting to work on a piece of greenware not realizing how fragile it was. It crumpled in my hand. I think that is when quilting started looking much safer - lol!