Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging!

Meet Lu...short for Lucy. The Atlanta dog rescue group said she is 2.5 yrs but we think she's younger. Lu has a lot to learn (basically an 80 lb. puppy) but is a sweetheart...she just wants someone to return all the affection she has to give.

After a morning tussle with Reggie, Lu's eyes are getting heavy...

...then her head gets heavy...

...and Lu is out.

Reggie has been zonked out for a while.

I haven't been quilting much since my last post but I have been sewing. My handcraft group is making valances for the rental chalet's the the home owners assoc. owns. I received some more fabric yesterday, so I can make some more Bright Hope blocks. Because we brought Lu home with us Saturday, I wasn't able to get to JoAnn's in Alpharetta for my light yellow fabric. I'll have to wait until we get up north later this week and I'll check my old JoAnn's for the fabric.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun Guild Project

This my first attempt at doing applique of any king and it was fun!

Every year Apple Country Quilt Guild make the ornaments for the libraries Christmas tree. This year we are doing the Twelve Days of Christmas theme.

The picture doesn't do the jacket material justice. It's coppery and sparkly.

We had a tutorial on ornament construction, worked on the ornaments for a while and then had lunch. A couple of the ladies brought soup and another a wonderful lemon cake...yum!.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm still loving the block and fabric!!!

I made five more blocks this morning. There wasn't much of the fabric with the big blue flowers,so five is all I can do for now. I found some more on-line and will have to order some. The next limited fab was the light yellow that I purchased at JoAnn's well over a year ago. There's enough left though to do a decent sized runner once the other fabric is ordered. Wouldn't this make a great springy quilt!

This block is made from the Glace line and I'm thinking of using it to make a quilted bed spread...a king bed spread!

This block is just an experimentation with the number of fabrics used and order of construction.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Woo Whoo!!! It took me a while to comprehend the directions, but....

...I finally got it...and I love it!

I'm more of a visual type that understands better by watching a demo than reading directions and looking at a drawing. A partial seam was used, not an inset seam...I'll try that a bit farther down the road.

Lesson learned today:

Keep the lid on the pot...I couldn't find my quarter inch foot and after looking everywhere twice, I checked the pot. Luckily, this pot only had scrap in it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I finally finshed some things!!!

The table runner is finished...actually it's the first quilty thing that I've completely finished (an A.D.D. newbie) and I think it turned out very well!

This is the front....'s the back that I pieced from a scrap pack that I purchased....

...and here's what the quilting looks like. I used a stencil and pounce and an air erase marking pen. The high contrast squares were a doozy, requiring both the pounce and marking pen to do.

This was made from some scrap wood from the game room. I printed out an image of a pine tree, taped it to the wood and took the Dremel to it. Then some black paint was bushed on the image and wiped off. Then I took the orbital sander to it and then the belt sander. It received four coats of sealant (with sanding in between coats) and a coat of wax.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you quilt with shoes or without?

As you can see, the shoes come off. First the pedal shoe and then when I get up to comes the other one. Then I leave my quilting room and I leave my shoes behind.

I really shouldn't be leaving my shoes behind!....

....we found this freshly squished scorpion on the floor the other morning. Sweetie must have done it because I didn't have any shoes on that morning. We've had the house for a year this month and this is our first scorpion. I've been more faithful about wearing slippers and checking to see that the knots in the flooring are really knots!

Sweetie is down in the game room bathroom being Mudman. He really hates being Mudman.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a beautiful day!

To take a ride (the back seat is mine)... work out in the yard. This is my new wagon and I used it today to pick up dead fall and rocks on our property. Tonight we're having a fire outside.

The rocks I've been collecting went into the downspout drain field....

...and a flower bed. The bigger rocks will be strategically placed around the hillside.