Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you quilt with shoes or without?

As you can see, the shoes come off. First the pedal shoe and then when I get up to comes the other one. Then I leave my quilting room and I leave my shoes behind.

I really shouldn't be leaving my shoes behind!....

....we found this freshly squished scorpion on the floor the other morning. Sweetie must have done it because I didn't have any shoes on that morning. We've had the house for a year this month and this is our first scorpion. I've been more faithful about wearing slippers and checking to see that the knots in the flooring are really knots!

Sweetie is down in the game room bathroom being Mudman. He really hates being Mudman.


  1. Usually shoes for sewing - carpet with potential pins... but I do work barefooted (medical transcription)...

  2. I never wear shoes in the house. I'm always either barefoot, in slippers, or in socks.
    May I ask why there is a chamber pot beside your sewing table? Or is that too personal? Also I have a vintage suitcase just like the one on bottom of your stack under the computer screen or tv.
    Regarding the scorpion: EEEEEEWWWW!

  3. Fortunately, I have my own chamber room, so I can use the pot for scraps. Picked it up years ago at a monestary resale shop. The suitcase must have been a big seller in its day...I've seen quite a few of them.