Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging!

Meet Lu...short for Lucy. The Atlanta dog rescue group said she is 2.5 yrs but we think she's younger. Lu has a lot to learn (basically an 80 lb. puppy) but is a sweetheart...she just wants someone to return all the affection she has to give.

After a morning tussle with Reggie, Lu's eyes are getting heavy...

...then her head gets heavy...

...and Lu is out.

Reggie has been zonked out for a while.

I haven't been quilting much since my last post but I have been sewing. My handcraft group is making valances for the rental chalet's the the home owners assoc. owns. I received some more fabric yesterday, so I can make some more Bright Hope blocks. Because we brought Lu home with us Saturday, I wasn't able to get to JoAnn's in Alpharetta for my light yellow fabric. I'll have to wait until we get up north later this week and I'll check my old JoAnn's for the fabric.