Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Video Filming And Editing…Another Quilting Distraction


But it was a quilty type of distraction!!

Linda Daughtry, a local Art teacher, demonstrated fabric painting at our June instructional/learning meeting.  What a great teacher…and a real natural in front of the camera.

Linda1 Linda2

All of these pictures are actually stills from a video that I filmed during our fabric painting class and then edited in Windows Movie Maker…yet another learning experience. 


Aren’t these really cool looking and the fabric is still soft!!!


Can’t you just image all the projects that you could use this in!

Anyway, back to the video.  This was the second video that I filmed for the guild.  The first one was short but high MB video (pre Movie Maker) taken at our annual picnic.  Once again I tried to upload directly to Blogger, it was within size limits this time and I thought the right format, but again it didn’t work.  So, I sent it to YouTube and used their option to send it to Blogger to appear on the blog that I do for my guild.  To be honest, the viewing quality is better in YouTube before it gets sent to Blogger.  That being said…here’s a link to the video at YouTube.

I have to say that it was fun to do and I’m rather pleased with the result!  Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogging With Windows Live Writer

This is an older picture taken during my urban living experiment and DSC00530 it seems fitting since this is an experiment in Windows Live Writer.  The text isn’t wrapping like I thought it would…after I cut and pasted in the text it then wrapped.  I’m sure it’s operator error.  Ok, let’s try another picture, with a different frame and placement.  Wow…it’s great not DSC00521having to do things backwards and be able to have different placement and framing of you pictures.

My building was the cream one peeking over the right corner of the brown building.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to put little arrows and circles like the football (Go Packers) commentators can.  I like the strikethrough thingy too.  And how about the larger text! And color!! I’m liking this a lot!

Now, let’s see how things go when I try to publish.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Woo Hoo!!! We Have Power Again!

A little over an hour ago we were able to hook every back to Georgia Power...what a miserable time it had to have been for people without a generator. Even with a small generator, it gets old quick.

It's also time to update the reading list...actually all of these are finished.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Making The Best Of A Power Outage

Power outages sure are more common here in the South, probably due to few underground power lines and trees with shallow root systems. We've been without power since about 5:15 pm yesterday. Actually, we've been fairly lucky so far where our outages have been measured in hours and not days like some other folks in our development.

Last night we fixed dinner on the grill...we had breakfast for dinner...sausage patties and scrabbled eggs in a heavy pan heated by the grill and toast toasted on the grill.

Fortunately, Sweetie is Mr Electricity and already had the house wired up so we just have to plug the generator into outlets (A and B lines serving different parts of the house) and wisely use amps.

A person really needs a good cup coffee during these difficult times! Boy, does this thing use the amps, so you plan amp usage when it's time to have a coffee.

We got this low decibel generator when we did primitive camping up North and it's been worth every penny so far (low decibel generators are more costly that the big powerful beasts). Sweetie was shopping online this morning (ran another extension cord up to the loft) for a big noisy beast that will even handle the AC and water heater.OK...time to get organized for another cup of coffee.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jungle Warfare!!!

Well, I guess it just has been proven that a cookie without any fat and calories will just disappoint you!

Anyways...on to Jungle Warfare...

Well, so far it's kept the deer at bay...or maybe a neighbor has good eats in their yard that they haven't finished off yet. Time will tell. I was looking for those thin shishkabob sticks, but these were all I could find...they really do look like punji sticks don't they.

The Moss Roses are bouncing back nicely!!

If you're in North Georgia and you start seeing deer wearing eye'll know they've been in my yard.

Blogger At It Again...Do I Have Bad Cookies

When Blogger straightens out, I'll post some pictures (can't post them right now) and leave some comments Think I'll delete cookies and see if that takes care of the sign in problem.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Items Off UFO List On To WIP List

Yeah!!..finally some action on my UFO list. What's off the list completely...the Bright Hope block project in Glace fabric...the two blocks were moved to the future potholder pile and no other fabric was cut, so its in it's box waiting for some future project.

The table decoration from Thanksgiving has been sewn together and waiting for batting and backing. It'll be a runner for the breakfast bar. Now on WIP list.

I've added a couple more hexagons onto the future table topper. Now on WIP list.

Also, I've been making some HST's with my new 1/4" foot and HSTs turned out really good (not sewn into wonky pinwheel). More will be made and used maybe in a Carpenter's Star or Ric Rack topper.

Worked on the Thinking Outside The Block project some more.

Since I still have a problem with my quarter log cabin blocks being a bit wonky, I had to try making one my way. It turned out really well ...unfortunately I have all those little pieces already cut. I sewed on to a length of fabric and then cut...maybe I can use the longer strips already cut and just cut more longer strips.

They were back...need I say more. Other than I will be resorting to jungle warfare...more later.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deer Aren't Suppose To Like Marigolds

SEE GREEN POT!!!! Last year, my Marigolds survived until October...then the deer were hungry enough to eat them. Maybe they find the larger Marigolds tastier, which is why they have been Marigold munching in that an alliteration? English classes are such ancient history! Now that I think about it, the green pot was a Marigold mow down!
All the rest of the Marigolds have been munched on, the Lavender was slightly nibbled, and last year's Yarrow stays munched down to the ground. The only thing they haven't bothered is a Pincushion Plant that's in the rock bed with the Marigolds.

Now this poor thing...I knew it would be deer candy, so I was putting it up on the porch before dark...until I forgot one night and didn't go out to rescue it until after midnight...I was to late...the midnight marauders (sorry couldn't help myself) had already struck. Trust looks much better here. I had to poke some of them back in the dirt. The next day I went to Wally World and bought the planter holder thingy.

On a quilting room is now rearranged and I was in there yesterday appropriately touching my fabric and measuring some old blocks that I had made (on UFO list)...some of which were added to the orphan/future potholder stack.