Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deer Aren't Suppose To Like Marigolds

SEE GREEN POT!!!! Last year, my Marigolds survived until October...then the deer were hungry enough to eat them. Maybe they find the larger Marigolds tastier, which is why they have been Marigold munching in that an alliteration? English classes are such ancient history! Now that I think about it, the green pot was a Marigold mow down!
All the rest of the Marigolds have been munched on, the Lavender was slightly nibbled, and last year's Yarrow stays munched down to the ground. The only thing they haven't bothered is a Pincushion Plant that's in the rock bed with the Marigolds.

Now this poor thing...I knew it would be deer candy, so I was putting it up on the porch before dark...until I forgot one night and didn't go out to rescue it until after midnight...I was to late...the midnight marauders (sorry couldn't help myself) had already struck. Trust looks much better here. I had to poke some of them back in the dirt. The next day I went to Wally World and bought the planter holder thingy.

On a quilting room is now rearranged and I was in there yesterday appropriately touching my fabric and measuring some old blocks that I had made (on UFO list)...some of which were added to the orphan/future potholder stack.

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  1. Your deer must be related to our WIsconsin deer...they eat anything and anytime they feel so inclined!
    What I can't figure out is that it looks like from your photos that you live in a lighter populated area with do we...40 acres surrounded by heavy woods with plenty to choose from...why do they see the need to walk into our yards?

    Enjoy your sewing room redo...I understand completely - what a pleasure to just walk in there and connect with all the contents!