Friday, June 10, 2011

Items Off UFO List On To WIP List

Yeah!!..finally some action on my UFO list. What's off the list completely...the Bright Hope block project in Glace fabric...the two blocks were moved to the future potholder pile and no other fabric was cut, so its in it's box waiting for some future project.

The table decoration from Thanksgiving has been sewn together and waiting for batting and backing. It'll be a runner for the breakfast bar. Now on WIP list.

I've added a couple more hexagons onto the future table topper. Now on WIP list.

Also, I've been making some HST's with my new 1/4" foot and HSTs turned out really good (not sewn into wonky pinwheel). More will be made and used maybe in a Carpenter's Star or Ric Rack topper.

Worked on the Thinking Outside The Block project some more.

Since I still have a problem with my quarter log cabin blocks being a bit wonky, I had to try making one my way. It turned out really well ...unfortunately I have all those little pieces already cut. I sewed on to a length of fabric and then cut...maybe I can use the longer strips already cut and just cut more longer strips.

They were back...need I say more. Other than I will be resorting to jungle warfare...more later.


  1. Congrats on the progress. BTW, that blue enamel coffee pot is beautiful. I have one somewhat like it somewhere.

  2. Hi Lainee - sorry for the delay in responding to your request for the Apple Pancake recipe.
    You can find the recipe at - click on Recipes and search for Apple Pancakes.

    We are also being invaded by deer. Will be trying rags soaked in diesel and tied to posts - a friend suggested that. Hope it helps or at least breaks the cycle for their visits.

    Congrats on moving those UFO's to the next level - that is a good feeling!

  3. Sorry you have such problems with deer. When I lived at the farm in Norway, we had that problem too. They always came up in our garden and ate flower bulbs and they loved peons! Love your blue coffee pot, so beautiful! Good luck with your WIP's! Sometimes it turns out better when we do it 'our way'.

  4. Love those black and white and red blocks! I don't have deer problems but I understand they are notorious pests!