Monday, August 13, 2012

Destination Munich

On Thursday, we were off to Munich. On the way there, we stopped at Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the most popular castles in Europe. The crowds and parking shortage would attest to that. You have to wait in line until someone leaves and then you can enter the parking lot. Crowds asides, it's a beautiful place worth seeing.

Upon arriving in Munich, we checked into The Palace Hotel a beautiful boutique hotel.After we were settled into our rooms, we took a leisurely stroll over to The Hofbraukeller Restaurant Und Biergarten and enjoyed a delicious German meal and tasty beer.

Isn't this such a beautiful place to enjoy your's the hotel garden.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old Fribourg

On Wednesday we went to the old part of Fribourg (which originally was walled in) and walked along the Sarine River (the dividing line of French and German speaking Swiss) crossing Fribourg's last remaining wooden covered bridge.

We walked up and down many narrow, steep streets and saw many beautiful Renaissance fountains and was definitely stepping back in time.

Unfortunately, the good pictures are on my camera and I don't have a way yet to get them to my Picasa web album...should be able to do that after we get back from Rome on Wednesday.

We had dinner that evening at Molino's, a lovely Italian restaurant. I did snap a photo of dessert at Sucre Sale (there should be a thingy over both E's but I can't get the French keyboard to work in Blogger) which was just down the street from Molino's.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mexican Food Swiss Style

I was prepared for the different ethnic foods to taste possibly unusual here. While we were sitting at the gate in Atlanta, we were talking to a lovely Mother and her two kids and getting a wealth of information that she had gathered in the three years that the family has lived in Switzerland.

She said had related that you may be eating a taco but it was not going to taste like a taco because they will use different spices.

Sure enough, the kids wanted to take us to their favorite Mexican restaurant . If I would have walked in with my eyes closed and kept them closed until my first bite...I would have sworn that I was having Indian food...very good Indian Vegetable Fajitas.

Please forgive the quality of the picture.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Love Switzerland!!!!!!

Third attempt to post back from Munich.

Here's the post that I thought I was posting two days ended up on the blog that I do for my guild...just to jet lagged!

As I sit under the apple tree in the kids yard, I'm serenaded by cow that sound!

That's me yesterday, again under the apple tree, taking a cat nap for about 30 minutes (after being up for 30+ hours). Took a walk in the canton forest behind the house before the nap, went out to eat, took another walk in the canton forest after the nap.

After being up for about 37 hour...I had to sleep.