Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old Fribourg

On Wednesday we went to the old part of Fribourg (which originally was walled in) and walked along the Sarine River (the dividing line of French and German speaking Swiss) crossing Fribourg's last remaining wooden covered bridge.

We walked up and down many narrow, steep streets and saw many beautiful Renaissance fountains and was definitely stepping back in time.

Unfortunately, the good pictures are on my camera and I don't have a way yet to get them to my Picasa web album...should be able to do that after we get back from Rome on Wednesday.

We had dinner that evening at Molino's, a lovely Italian restaurant. I did snap a photo of dessert at Sucre Sale (there should be a thingy over both E's but I can't get the French keyboard to work in Blogger) which was just down the street from Molino's.

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