Friday, December 11, 2009

17 Days and Counting and Scrapping

I really, really, REALLY hope I never have to scrap a vehicle windshield again. The garage is full of stuff that AMVETS is going to pick up, so the SUV had to side outside. Fortunately, I went out early to start up the SUV to warm up and it took about 30 minutes to budge the snow/ice crud that was on the windshield. It didn't help that I only had a plastic snow shovel, a push broom and an old Walmart gift card to clean with! I was about 2 degree (F) and about frozen face!!

On Tuesday, I referenced a blog post from Nicole, at Sister's Choice Quilts, and I called her Noelle...sorry Nicole. Noelle is a WIG friend that introduced me to quilting, shared her vast knowledge and even some of her huge stash. I'll miss her.

The big POD is coming this morning and I have more to do!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.....i try very hard to things real....CityBoy and i retired to NW North Carolina 3 years ago....when we left Florida we didn't look back.....the area we lived in was way to $$$ and crime was moving up from Miami......enjoy Elijay!! our daughter lives in Griffin, SW of Atlanta......and Mother Nature does take care of the snow....or we just stay in!!!

    Enjoy retirement....LindaMay