Thursday, August 26, 2010

Using Hankies On Quilts - The Rest Of The Story

Let me continue on...what a surprise when I went to complete the draft of this post to find it published incomplete. Read on about the impromptu quilt show!

This week at the Apple Country Guild meeting, one of our members gave a presentation on using old hankies in guild making. She brought a bunch of old hankies for us to use to practice various folding techniques. We learned various ways to fold for angel wings and my favorite which is shown above. I think these would make cute little wall hangings. I didn't get a picture of it, but she showed us how to fold the hanky to make a pocket. Other than the pocket and the skirt, I don't think I would use the other ideas although, it is a good way to reuse!

Another member brought in her experiment with origami using a hanky.

One member brought in several of her quilt tops to show. This one was a simple pattern but very colorful.

A Sunbonnet Sue with a fan skirt.

This was done on a large gingham fabric with embroidery/cross stitch like stitches.

The members want a guild program on this technique.

Another member brought in this LARGE top made with yo-yos.

These all had a different fabric peeking thru the center.

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