Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hexagon and YoYo Diversion

I decided it was time to put a portable projects kit together so that I can putz in other areas of the house. When Sweetie is in the lower level killing zombies (65 and still loves video games) and the like, I would usually bring down a book and cozy up in the recliner and read while Sweetie saved mankind from the zombie hordes. Sweetie would really love it if I played video games too, but I just lose all control of my thumb when things are trying to kill me! And it's never really just me playing the game, Sweetie is right there by my side,critiquing my moves (usually he says things like "What are you doing!?" or "Aim!?" or "It's over there not there!")which only makes my thumb even more spastic.

Anywho, my thinking was that I would be a little more productive (actually finish something)if I put some portable project together.

Used freezer paper, starch, and an ironable hex template to shape these. Sure glad I'm having my eyes examined on the sure is hard to see if I'm making a small enough stitch!

Got a few more yoyos done...what to use them on?

Just a view of the backside.

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  1. Good idea! My hubby still loves video games too! X Box crazy! Your yo-yo's are way cute and nice hexies!