Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Ah-ha, Aahh, Or A Plain Old Duh Momment

So I was straightening up the kitchen today so as to not be embarrassed when my friend Gail comes over, while we are in Switzerland, to take care of Reggie. She's an extreme neat nick and I know she would never think less of me for not being as tidy as she is, but I still feel compelled to step it up in the cleaning department.

Anyway, I took some extra can goods down to the basement to put with the rest of the can goods and I noticed that a couple of the cans were upside down. I was going to put them upright when it dawned on me that I could actually tell what was in the cans! I started flipping the other cans over and OMG!, what a difference. Notice the cans on a back row where you can only see the work "Geat" with not a clue as to what's in the cans.   Aa-ha....aahh.....DUUHH!!!!

Next, I had to get my camera's data cards full of videos and photos cleaned up and ready for some major picture taking while we're in Europe. That took several hours and it feels good to have that taken care of.

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