Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Changing The Seasons

When the Christmas decorations were put away, I needed something for the frames. 
 The Pineapple block is an experiment in making a 12.5" block versus 9.5" (like in the book) or my really big 16.5" version that will go into my extra big king size quilt.
The heart block was made especially for the frame and the only quilty valentine thing that I have so far.
The hexie-ish block was also an experiment of sorts. At first I was just sewing various size strips around a hexagon. Then I decided to square it off and use it for a pillow...and there it sat...until I needed something springy for the frame.
The hexie-ish block and the heart block were both quilted through just the batting...maybe I should get some muslin and add it just in case I want to join some of these blocks into something down the road.
I'm not sure what I will do with the Pineapple one...maybe I'll do an all over quilting just to see how I like the effect on the block.


  1. Dear Lainee! Your decoration looks great! My favourite is the heart!

  2. Thanks maybe I'll do something green for St. Patrick's Day.