Monday, March 18, 2013

I Spy Update

My original plan was to have different bright colored stars surrounding the hexies and to use the blue background fabric as a filler for the gaps between the stars (see 2-15-13 post). Man, was it ever busy! To the point of being hard to look at! 

Since I really love the blue star fabric (doesn't it look like you're gazing into a galaxy far, far away), I decided to use it for all the background/star areas.
Right now I'm at a stand still until I can get over to Dahlonega to by more of the background fabric (only bought a quarter yard) and to look for fabric to use in place of the black fabric that you can see in the picture above.
I plan on buying extra background fabric for future use!


  1. Dear Lainee!
    The blue is perfect! It looks beautiful! Can´t wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. I love I Spy quilts, and I really love your blue background fabric.

  3. Thank you Kinga and Susan...I'm heading back to Dahlonega tomorrow to buy even more background fabric!