Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We're Back!!

Blogging is a lot like's so easy to fall of the wagon and hard to get back on when there's a break in your routine. Cell service was poor to nonexistent. 

I like doing 180 turn pictures when we're out the end of the boardwalk is our loop at Fort Pickens.

Turn 180 degrees and there's the Gulf. The sand is so white that it looks like snow when you're driving on the road.

This is very calm...normal Gulf surf....when we arrived waves were crashing onto shore.

This was our first experience camping so close to others and the road. Our dogs aren't barkers as a rule (especially with people...guard dogs they're not) but our dog Bear barked more this trip than he has during the two years that we've had him. And Oakie...let's just say she went postal a couple of just depended on what dog or dogs went by (or a cat).

Our weather (for the location) was just as bad as the rest of the Eastern US was getting...a lot of rain and cold or just cold. 

Our house sitters didn't get the reprieve from snow that they were hoping for, at least for most of their stay. They did enjoy the change of scenery and did get out (except for a couple of snow days when everything  was shut down) and visit the local wineries and restaurants. Our developments heated indoor pool was also a big hit and they had many evenings by the fireplace on the back porch...drinking the local wines.

More on our other campgrounds later.

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