Sunday, September 12, 2010

Neapolitan Piggies Are In Trouble!

This is the first redesign. After I had the first design on the wall it was total chaos in my eyes. The rail fence idea just didn't work with the solid squares of piggy material thrown in. Out came my high tech quilting design tools...crayons and copy paper...and I had me some pinwheels. This is what a rail fence boarder looks like...not pleasing.

Since I still wasn't loving it, I put a post on Quilting Board to get some instant feedback from the many quilters that frequent the website. Within minutes, I had a new design on the wall and another picture posted on the website.

There's more changes to make and I'm not sure that I can "man up" this baby quilt enough to please all parties...but I sure do love the brown/pink/white combo...almost as much as turquois/brown/white.

What's wrong with a baby boy having some softness and pink....after all, he's soft and pink right now...he has the rest of his life to "man up" and it will probably happen way too soon.

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