Friday, September 10, 2010

Quilt Guild Badge Done!!!

I'm very pleased with how my badge turned out. Members wear their badges to the monthly business meetings, quilt shows, or other guild related outings.

Everything is cut out for Neapolitan Piggies and ready for sewing of strip sets.

Yesterday, I dropped into my LQS to check on some guild members that were taking a class and while I was there the owner was talking about accurate seam allowances. I mentioned that I was going to get some mole skin to make a guide. Pam, the owner, knows that I have a Brother machine (which she sells) so she said to follower her over to the machines, where she showed me which foot and what setting will give me an accurate 1/4" seam on my particular machine. I had already given up using the 1/4 inch foot with the guide big a seam.

One of the reasons that I started a blog was to have something in place to keep me on track (nag me), get me going (pester me) on a project....pretty much be there in my face to remind me to get going on reign in my ADD tendency to bounce from one new thing to the other!

Ouh! Ouh! Ouh!...I'm going to try and make my own stencils? Now where's my Dremel?

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