Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's TIme For The County Fair

Maxine Update: She's still missing...Sweetie went to the shelter in response to a picture posted of a female Black Lab (with what looked like Georgia clay on her feet) that looked so much like her. As it turned out, that wasn't clay on her was Rottweiler like brown hair and she was really a he! Sweetie was so disappointed!

This afternoon I am heading over to the Fair Grounds, where the Guild in doing the quilt intake for the fair. It's so much fun to see the quilts up close and talk to the people bringing them in.

For the first time ever (even when I was in 4-H) that I am entering somethings (not quilt related) into the fair.

Wolfie is off the UFO List and the bird house should have been on the UFO List (waited for years for a coat of sealer) and could have been taken off. I'm not sure if all the items will be entered because I think there is a limit to how many things you can enter in a category.

Tomorrow, I go back to the fair to help with the judging...also very much fun and educational!!!!

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  1. Sorry Maxine is still MIA. That must be heartbreaking. Congrats on the UFO finishes.