Monday, August 1, 2011

Where Did July Go?

July has been a long, and emotionally draining month for the both of us. Let's started off with major water damage to a bedroom of the lower unit of the duplex that I own in Milwaukee. It's troublesome enough being a long distance landlord and you only have to deal with late rent checks ands squabblilng tenants...more than once I've wanted to say..."people...don't make me come up there!" Fortunately, the kids have handled some of the leg work, but the stress has been all mine.

Then, Sweetie's dog Maxine ran off. She's been gone 29 days and as I am writing this, Sweetie is at the pound (Gilmer County Animal Shelter) checking to see if a dog posted on their website is Maxine. This will be continued in another post.

My daughter was down from Milwaukee (New Berlin to be exact) for 5 days in the middle of the month...another post.

The building in the picture is Sweetie's new shop that was started at the beginning of the month. A crew came in and put up the shell (all in 3 days) and then Sweetie was out in the sweltering heat staining it. After that, he put on the deck and then did the wiring for outlets and lighting inside. As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for the county building inspector to show up to give his final blessing. There were 4 permits issued for Gilmer County this month...hopefully he won't be to strapped to make it here today.

And last but not least...I'm waiting to hear back from the attorney's office that handled my divorce back in the late 90's, to see if I really am happily divorced. He's suppose to get back to me tomorrow. This will also be another post.

Well, that was all the major stuff and there is light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. Om my!! Yes, July was a crazy month for all of you!! Hopefully, that is past and August will be much better! :-)

  2. Yes you may ask, where did July go?! Hope August will be a much better month for you! Take care!

  3. I do so hope that the pound pup is Maxine.