Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Shop

Here it is as virgin space!

Then Sweetie set up his shop.

In July, he had the shell put up,did the finishing details and then moved his shop in here....need to paint that white eye sore now.

My storage/stash closet....

....that mainly came about to hide the wooden box that houses the PS3,DVR and tuner for the surround sound in the pool room. There are more shells to the left of the door from floor to ceiling.

After I have spent some time in here, I'll have Sweetie build counters for me.


Eventually, I will double the size of my design wall.

My cutting table rolls around so much better on the cement floor. When I do cutting, I'll roll it right under a light.

Sweetie built these shelves for took him a while to get his head around what I was wanting. A picture ledge is a new concept for him.

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  1. OOh! It looks so great! Love the idea that you can roll your cutting table around! Looks like you have very good ceiling lights there too - wonderful!

  2. Shop is amazing!!!! Your closet...I could live in it!! :-)

  3. Love the topper and your space!!

  4. Awesome area for you to quilt in. I am looking forward to when I can have my own space again. Don't you love the D9P? It's so adaptable to many color schemes.

    Happy Holidays!