Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Dance In The Quilt Shop!!!

A milestone moment here...this is the first time that a block (6.5") has turned out dead nuts, the extact size that it's suppose to be!  YAHOOO!

I'm usually at least an 1/8" short on one corner or side, but not this time! I used Jo Morton's technique to piece the Ohio Star (used walking foot) and her pressing method (nice and flat).  The first two blocks (12.5") were OK, but just a tad undersized.  Of course, my fabric was sized and pressed before I cut (I still can screw that up), Aurfil thread top and bottom, and I made sure I didn't wander off at the end of my seams.

I see an Ohio Star table topper/wall hanging in my future...made out of reproduction fabric. Now to ponder(obsess) over my fabric selections.

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