Monday, May 7, 2012

Rocky To The Rescue Again

I was playing around with orange peel quilting and I like it. Since I'm not the best at drawing smooth curved lines, I used a disc to mark my lines. And since this was a small piece, I thought I would see how tight a curve I could sew with the feed dogs up.

The quilt sandwich actually is upside-down.....the narrow blades were done first and they do give a different effect than the wider blades.

I've been doodling on paper for practce and will take the leap soon, trying it out on fabric without marking.

Rocky had to lend a hand (or a face) to get the best shot. This post was started on my iPhone, saved, and completed on Kindle Fire...l won't do that again!

I actually have to go back to iPhone to straighten out the spacing in the post.

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