Monday, September 24, 2012

Scrap Shopping And A Hitch Hiker

Well, here I am again using Blogpress! When I looked at my last post on my Kindle Fire, it didn't look quite as bad as it did on my laptop. Also, when you tap on the photo you get a better I'll have to put that caveat in my posts.

Went scrap shopping at the quilt shop in Jasper to stock up on scraps and did pretty good. Four and a half bags = 2.5 lb = 7.5 yd x $10/yd = $75 value. Spent $15 + tax...woohoo!!!

On the way home, I noticed the hitch hiker that had made its way into the car.

I pulled over and took a picture and tried to shoo him out of the car. Notice I said tried...

I had to stop at a friends house to look in on the cat and plants while they're on a cruise. Hopefully the little green guy ran for his life while the doors were left open.

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