Monday, October 8, 2012

Quild Christmas Block Lessons

Every year the Guild's Christmas Block Committee selects fabric that is distributed early in the year to members that want to participate and be eligible to win blocks a the end of the year.  The only stipulations are that you only use the fabric supplied and the blocks are 12.5".  For every block you turn in your name gets thrown in the pot to win a stack of blocks.
I record the Eleanore Burns show (doing Victory Quilts now) and on one show she was doing a Brave World block.


These are quarter squares that make up the Brave World block (I've seen this subsection in quite a few quilts lately)....actually they are trimmed down rejects that ended up in the Churn Dash...well, three of them did.

After I had the Churn Dash put together, I put the 12.5" ruler on it and one corner looked wonky...I'm not going for wonky!  I knew I didn't have enough fabric left to remake the quarter blocks by Eleanore's method, so I had to dig out my Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Ruler (have had it for several years and hadn't used it till now) and cut some triangles. Triangles have scared me...I would avoid them at all cost...but you know what....they weren't so bad. I think some triangle flying geese are in my future!

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