Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scrambled Cable Signal As A Quilt

This is a shot of the big TV outside of my quilt shop (set to a music channel) with the cable signal all messed up. This was taken sometime ago and my immediate thought when I saw it was that it would be a pretty scrap quilt done in batiks.

Yesterday I was going thru the unread posts for quilt blogs that I follow and when I came to  the latest post from Stitched In Color I knew I was right! Check it out...


  1. love it! and she did zigzag machine quilting, I am just learning to machine quilt and this sounds like something to try.

    1. Hi...some of the ladies in the guild that don't normally do their own quilting will even use some of the not to thread heavy decorative stitches on their machines to quilt.