Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meet Bubba

This is Bubba, a Brother QC 1000, and my quilting space! Can't wait to get to Georgia!

When I retired, I bought a new Viking Emerald 183, with the intention of making cloths for the Grandkids...not! In December of last year, a friend turned me on to quilting and I quickly upgraded to Bubba.

Someday, I hope to have a mid arm and frame as I can't imagine wrestling with any quilt larger than a lap quilt. Maybe if you were only staying with stitch in the ditch...but hey, not my plan.

Later, I'll post pictures of what I have started. On the table, you can see a practice sandwich for freemotion....I need more practice.

I have to go dry my hair and head out to find a new pair of jeans and start shopping for a dress (haven't brought one for a few years) to wear to a wedding in late November. Then, I'm meeting with 7 or eight women for lunch...I'll post about my internet friends and experiences another time.



  1. Very nice machine! I know what you mean about not having the space! Right now I have to sew at the kitchen table, but I've had to do that for years. We are building a new house, actually in the backyard, I have my quilting frame and machine setup in my sewing room in there. I told hubby when we started building that I had to have my own sewing room!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I wish I had a Bubba too! That machine is super cool. I have just a regular sewing machine and I just started to learn quilting by reading books and such... so hopefully soon I can have my first quilt! Good luck.

  3. Hi Lainee...what a fabulous blog...I so agree about women friends! I have made some lovely new friends in the last few years and some great ones online.

    Like you my school friend found me...but through my blog...she is living in Korea and comes back to Australia to live after Christmas...have not seen her for 19 years.

    I have a new about to thread it up seems similar to my old Janome so it should be all right! It is computerised though but has lots of quilter type things as it is a quilter's edition. I want an extension table though...will get one on Thursday late night shopping.