Friday, October 23, 2009

The World Wide Web

With as much evil that there is lurking out there on the WWW, there is still good to be found!

I found my college buddy on Facebook after 20 plus years and we got together this was just like old times. I'm the one in blue.
Last Saturday, a friend since the 5th grade (at a one room country school) found me on Facebook. The really spooky thing is that while we were driving back from Georgia on Saturday, we were listening to a segment on WGN that brought her to mind. After we were settled in, I fired up the laptop and there she was.

On Mother's Day Weekend in 2005, I found my dog on line at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee. I've dated several men that I've met on line....most were good can usually weed out the weirdos early in the game. In 2006, I met my significant other on line.

After retiring and moving to Illinois to be with my sweetie, I needed to find women to do things with during the day. I did know a couple of women that were the wives of my sweetie's friends and they are very nice people, but I wanted my own people. So, I went on line.

I looked for women's club in my city and surrounding cities and came up empty. Then I finally came up with the magic combination of words in my Google search to find a Women's Social group on Yahoo. They are very nice (they originally only wanted married women, but I changed that) and I'm still a member of that group. Most of the women in that group were only weekenders at that time, so after I found I started a group for daytime women. I'll tell you, you can find a group for almost any interest, especially if you live near a major metropolitan area. The 50 member group was in existence for a year and then I decided it was time to get ready to move to Georgia if the house sold tomorrow. So, I just recently closed the group and had the active members migrate over to the Yahoo group.

You really don't have to move out of state to find yourself in need of women friends. Most women at some point in their lives (usually after years of working and raising kids) find themselves without a female support system. Your friends from high school and college are long absent. It's a sad situation, but you can change it. We all need female friends because...hey we are just more fun and interesting.

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