Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilting Room Coming Together

I must be doing something wrong when I put my posts together because the pictures don't show up where I expect. I'm usually dragging text around and the pictures too. It's always a surprise even after a takes a couple of edits after it post. So much to learn!

Anyway, now that I have the Costco table back, the new Ott light out of the box (Sweetie had to work with the switch to get it to work!!!) and Bubba back on the's starting to look like a creative space!!!

Ok, now for my second picture...let's see where the text shows up. I should just let it be after I post so you know what I mean. The text for both pictures should start even with the top of each picture.

This is my view looking out over Bubba. I think I would like a little table in front of the dormer window just for's a nice view. After Sweetie gets his shop up and running, he will make me an L shaped sewing table in the corner for putting the quilt top together and for quilting. It will be great to have a table that doesn't shake and sag in the middle...Bubba is a hefty boy!

Ok, now this paragraph should appear on the left under the picture....time to publish and see what happens.

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