Saturday, January 2, 2010

We Are Really Here!!!

We've actually been here for a few days, but we just realized that we can tap into our neighbors wireless at night. My sweetie is thrilled that he can stream the Blackhawks on WGN! We won't be getting our cable/Internet until the 12th...It's a good thing that my sweetie called them over a week ago!

My quilting stuff is accumulating in my dedicated quilting sounds too pretentious to say "studio". Maybe if someday I get a mid arm....then I'll call it a studio:)

The first phase of unpacking is is done. One 16 ft truck 16 ft POD and one 8 ft POD to go...they come on the 8th. Maybe in between now and then, I can play in my room!

I'll try and post a picture tomorrow night.

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