Thursday, December 16, 2010

Farmer Santa

Farmer Santa was also done while living in Waterford, WI. He was already fired when I bought him, so he required several coats of paint and a spray sealant (matte).

The weather here in the mountains of North Georgia is playing havoc with our new workout routine and my Christmas shopping! Things earlier this week were closed down for two days because of snow, yesterday we didn't go shopping (40 miles away) because of an incoming ice storm. This morning we left the house after 10 a.m. because the Rec. Center (gym) wasn't opening until then just to give the roads time to clear up. Our gravel road was a thick sheet of ice and when we got to the top of the first hill we could see two vehicles in the ditch, so...we just turned around and came home.

Working out and shopping will have to wait until tomorrow...hopefully everything won't be as icy tomorrow morning. It finally made it to 52 degrees late this afternoon and it's suppose to be 31 overnight.


  1. Wow, sounds like you are getting some nasty weather. I hope it passes soon for ya. I just love your Santa! You did a beautiful job painting him! Looks like a professional job to me!

  2. So, Ralfina, you didn't tell me about your blog. I'm really enjoying seeing your work. Send your address sometime.

    As far as weather, looks like everyone is getting pelted. Monday was a snow day here. South of Chicago it seems like no one understands how to behave in snow. What are you doing for the holidays? And when are you coming to Cinci?


  3. Merry Christmas! Our weather has, literally, been ALL OVER the place~ temps. running up and down the thermometer. It's no wonder that every other person I meet is sick! Having said that, I still wouldn't mind a white Christmas!!