Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quilted Shawl Is Finished - Ready For Show & Tell

Now I have two things to bring to the next guild show & tell. I'm really pleased with the binding...will have to find some more of that fabric. Also, I'm happy that I have more of the top fabric...think I'll use it to back the runner made from the Thanksgiving place mats.

Another Waterford Santa...this one has been unfinished for years...I did paint a little on it after we moved down here, but was stymied as to the last little details. Maybe I'll just get some more gold and silver paint...silver sleeves and gold gloves followed with a gloss finish. Should I antique it first?

I've thought about putting more detail into his robe...??

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  1. Quilting looks so gorgeous. I love the binding fabric you chose. Perfect! Oh and another wonderful Santa that would also look nice at my house too!! LOL! Beautiful.