Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little Reading And Very Little Quilting

This book came highly recommended by a member of my guild (on loan from her) and it was indeed quiet an enjoyable read.

I bought a spool of Aurifil thread, which Linda had recommended, and made another quarter log cabin block. Pat advised me to pay close attention to the width of my seams at the end of each seam, since many tend to veer off course at the end. Guilty!! Since all my pieces were already cut out, I wasn't able to use Astrid's suggestion to cut the outside pieces just a tad larger or Linda's suggestion to size my fabric before cutting to aid in piecing accuracy.

I did order a new piecing foot for my machine and it was selling for only $3.75. Now, I did have buy a few more things to get Amazon's free shipping, but hey, I had my eye on that quilt book and pink cutting mat already.


  1. It's not always we feel for quilting, and I think it is important with a few quilting-free days in between. :) I'm sure you will manage the log cabin blocks! I know how frustrating it can be at times. Enjoy your book!

  2. I'm glad you are trying the Aurifil. You'll love it!! I'm curious to see how your piecing comes out with all those great suggestions! Keep us posted!!

  3. The Persian Pickle Club is a really fun read with some surprising twists!

    You asked about how long it takes to pick 2 generous cups of violets?? It takes a looonng time & with both knees replaced, I take along a little seat to sit on and take a break...bending over continuously has its drawbacks!

    I bet those log cabin strips will go together for you very well...and every machine has its own little quirks we learn to work around too. Keep us posted!

  4. That boook has been recommended to me so many times and I still haven't read it. But I'm going to.