Monday, March 28, 2011

Retired And Easily Distracted

Here I am again. Like the title states...I'm retired and easily distracted...seriously! I've been busy reading other peoples blogs, working out (5-6 time a week), reading novels, doing very little quilting although I did finally make order in The Room, and collecting rocks (more on that in another post). I was so busy doing really nothing urgent, that I'm just now getting around to doing my taxes!
This my new quarter inch foot and it seams (get it) to help.

To get the free shipping from Amazon, I HAD to buy I bought this quilt book since I wasn't lucky enough to win it during the author's blog tour.

Sweetie made this turn table for when we play card. Our group is usually eight or more people and it was a drag always trying to keep the deck of cards and the discard pile in all the players reach. It's 24" and works just great...Joe Cool holds the dimes from the losers.

I also bought this pink cutting mat which is 13" and the largest square cutting mat that I found on line. It works OK on this big turn table, but Sweetie made me a square turn table just for the mat...stay tune for a picture.

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  1. Love the turntable, especially since it has more than one use, pretty neat. You have a very nice blog, I really like your borders. It was nice visiting your site and I hope to be back soon.