Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Is A Quarter Inch Seam So Elusive?


Just getting ready to do some hand work...unfortunately it's deconstructing hand work. This is the most offensive to the quarter log cabin blocks that I have finished so far.

Why am I having so much trouble with this simple looking block? I've been having a tough time maintaining a quarter inch on my machine (Brother) and once I got that under control the block is still under sized...usually in one corner. I've now moved on to a scant quarter inch. I don't understand it...accurate seam allowance and accurate sized strip and still under it my thread or pressing?


  1. Could be your thread or pressing. I always use Aurifil for piecing. Do you starch or size your fabric before you cut it out for piecing? I always size my fabric and it made a huge difference in the accuracy of blocks.

  2. This is something we all encounter. Does your machine allow for changing the needle position to left or right? I have found by moving 1 dot to the right, my block size comes out true. Another area to look at - with piecing log cabin strips, there is a tendency to drift off as we finish the last few stitched. The ending could be just a tad narrower and then as each strophic added, the narrowing begins to accumulate. Hope that makes sense???
    Measure the width all along the strips after sewn to check to see if that might be the culprit

  3. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! :) Oh, don't we all have the 1/4" problems?! I agree with taylorsoutback to change the needle possition, if possible. Another thing you can also do on log cabin blocks; cut the outer strips a little bit wider and then adjust to the right square size when it is done. Like, if your strips are 2" - cut the outer strips 2,5". Hope it works for you, it is so frustrating when blocks don't turn out true.

  4. Either way, it's a beautiful color combo! Love the red/black/white look :)