Saturday, February 19, 2011

Athens TN Roadtrip

Sweetie and I took a road trip to Athens yesterday on the bike. The weather wasn't as great as they had been talking (nice and sunny today!!) but we were leathered up so it wasn't so bad. We were there to check out some ATV's.

I spotted these around the downtown area of Athens. The last two aren't the best photo's but we were rolling by. I'm sure there were more but we were looking for food.

Athens is a fair sized college town (Tennessee Wesleyan)so you wouldn't think it would be such a difficult place to find some lunch (other than fast food). One would think that there would have been a number of places around the courthouse in downtown Athens...but not so. We did find a small place that the locals frequented down the street from the ATV was OK and cheap.

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  1. Nice road trip! I'm a Memphis girl who has been away from TN since 1988 and am now in VA.

    I'm one of the blogless UFO Busters from Susan't blog and I just popped it to visit.