Thursday, February 3, 2011

Work on UFO's and 2011 Started Projects

I finally got the W,X,Y and Z carved out and have all but six of the letters burned. Actually, I really should do an extra "A" and "T" so the grandkids could spell out their names...I'll put that on the list and use the extra blocks.

As far as quilty UFO work...well, there hasn't been any. I have cut out 20 or so five inch neutral tone squares and pressed what Civil War-ish fabric that I have to have another try at half square triangles.

I've also selected three fabrics that are also Civil War fabrics to make a table runner/wall hanging. I'll post a picture later.

Sweetie and I have been faithfully going to the gym 5-6 times a week for two months now and my muffins are starting to shrink! It has also helped to have cut back on the snacks. Sweetie is such an effiecient calorie burning machine and is working at gaining weight while working just isn't fair!


  1. Liking those carved blocks and that blue fabric is wonderful!!!

    Kudos to you on all those trips to the gym - that is dedication. I have been trying to use the treadmill at home and eating more sensibly but sweets are my downfall and with the winter we are having, comfort food sure takes center stage!

    Have a good weekend and GO PACK!

  2. Thank you...the fabric is from Marcus Fabric's Civil War Tribute Collection.

    GO PACKERS!!!!!