Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh My!, The Generosity Of Guilters!!!

When my daughter was down for a visit in July, I had her look thru quite a few quilting magazines so we could find out what her tastes in quilts are. This is what her first choice black and whites with a red center. All of which I have the least of! So, I jumped on it with my normal speedy manner. This came in the mail today (ordered last week...not in July).

Now comes the part about quilter's generosity. A couple of weeks ago, after my guilds class at the LQS, I was browsing thru the black and white FQs. Brenda (went on shop hop roadtrip with her) came up to me and said she had been meaning to bring me the left over black and white fabrics from the West Virginia quilt that she made. When she showed up at the next guild meeting with all of these fabrics...I was almost speechless!

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  1. How awesome and generous is that?? You have to make the quilt now!! Can't wait to see your progress!