Monday, February 7, 2011

My HP Laptop Is In A Coma!

My HP DV9700's screen flickered once and went black on Saturday morning...I'm using Sweeties desktop for now. After doing some research, it appears that HP has been having a lot of issues with laptops (using cheap component parts - NVIDA chip in my case)and not doing recalls. Most have been crapping out at the 2.5 year mark (like me)and of course, it's out of warranty!

On an HP discussion site, a website was mentioned that fixes the problem for $75 - 100(includes shipping) depending on how bad your problem is. Many have used them and were very happy with their service. HP wants $400 to $500.

Do you have to share a computer? I like having my own computer...maybe I'll actually get some sewing done!!!

1 comment:

  1. We share and yes it's a pain at times. Not sure you'll get more sewing done!! LOL!