Saturday, April 30, 2011

Georgia Camping

What a way to start you're morning at the lake...a hot cup of coffee, a good book, a great view....

My hand work container was packed and I was prepared to make hexagons and yo-yos. Never made a single one.

This was taken at the shoreline.

All of these shots were taken from our campsite.

...and this is a great way to end a day of camping.

Sweetie and Max sharing a moment.


  1. Lainee, I'm in Georgia. Is this at Carter's Dam or Lake Lanier? Surely is a pretty place.

  2. Oh gosh - what a stunning view! I can "hear" the quietness and sound from the forest! :) You bet I hadn't done a single stitch either - if I had been there! :)

  3. Beautiful images...what a perfect spot. Our first camping experiences started in the mountains of North Georgia - a tent, a campfire and cooking on the tailgate of our station wagon. Now we want to move up to a 5th wheel from a 32 foot travel trailer. Some don't think that is "camping." But creature comforts are more important as we age :o)
    I always pack projects to take along too...way more than ever get attention.
    With a view across the water like you all are enjoying with a favorite pooch - that is all you need.