Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rock Collecting Sunday

I was going to just dig this one quartz rock out of the back yard, wash it and add it to the collection. Then, I thought to might as well go over and gather up all the rocks that you picked out of the hill (they seem to have a mind of their own when rolling down hill).

This was my first rock project that I did and it grew from a few little rocks around the end of downspout to this big drain field.

Sometimes it rains really hard here and water shoots out of the downspout like it's a firehose, blasting away mulch and dirt (clay).

When I first started collecting rocks I would put them in a five gallon bucket. Then came the Gorilla cart, which was easier than the bucket, but still hard to pull uphill. After we picked up the quad, the light bulb went on and I started hooking the cart up behind the quad. What a life I wish I had bought the larger cart.

The rock in front of the quad rear wheel was so heavy Sweetie could hardly lift it into the cart. It's a good thing he's been lifting weights!

This started out with a clump of moss that I dug up in the woods and a couple of mossy rocks. A few days ago, I gathered up some more moss and added some more mossy rocks. I think I'll add some Chicks and Hens.....hopefully the deer won't eat them.

I'm adding a ridge of rocks down the upper drive, but right now I'm out of big rocks. I've gathered up all the rocks on our lot, so now we will have to hitch up the big trailor to the SUV and drive around picking up all the rocks that I have been making a mental note of.

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  1. Who ever invented the quad should get a statue dedicated to them! What would we do without that vehicle?? Yours look so shiney and new...ours is 17 years old and has logged a lot of miles (and hauled alot of rocks too!)...
    My DH bought me a bucket for our trips to Alaska because I am always hauling back more rocks for the gardens...boy they have some cool rocks in that State! Our son found one with gold flecks in it even...he won't tell me where though - VBG