Friday, April 29, 2011

UFO Finish And Other Things

I actually finished these a couple of weeks ago but, life (I'm thankful to say) just seems to get in the way of my blogging and be it.

I wanted the blocks done in time for the grandkids visit.

This is Natalie...and yes, there is as much DRAMA with this one as the picture implies.

Wyatt is pretty easy going as far as three year olds go...however, he does scream bloody murder at the sight of a bug. This being Georgia, there are a lot of bugs and there was a lot of bug induced screaming (shrieking actually).


  1. Your grandson & I would get along famously - particularly if something slithered. When we lived in Jonesboro (Atlanta Army Depot) I never knew what I would find basking in the sun on our patio.
    Thank you for stopping by earlier & leaving a comment.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. The blocks are great and the grandkids are beautiful.