Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pictures Of Flower In Leiu Of Sunshine

Sweetie and I hosted the June neighborhood social gathering (officially known as Wine Time) at our house and we had a full house with 25+ quests. We had invited a friend (also a development resident, but a different area) that had just opened a cafe outside of town to come and mingle. He brought a friend that brought these flowers (she owns a flower shop in Ellijay) and he brought some wonderfully seasoned pork medallions and, of course, some wine.

Each solo person or couple brings an appetizer and their favorite beverage. There is always a great spread at each gathering and everyone enjoys the conversations with their neighbors. Some of us are full timers, some for just the week ends and some just for the summer or the winter.

This little fragrant beauty is a Gardenia. It was the only new flower on my pal Gail's bushes on the day that I had stopped at her house. The fragrances it so delicate...I would constantly stop at the flower, pick it up and just stand there with it under my nose.

I now have a bowl full of them on the counter and just have to walk by to enjoy the aroma. I wish I could grow them at my house, but the deer here will eat anything and everything. Gail only lives two miles away, but she's on a busy main road at a low elevation and the deer don't seem as plentiful (or hungry) by her.

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