Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Juki TL 2010Q is here....WooHoo!!!!

I thought it was time to resurfaced in Blogland...went through a rather long stretch where I just didn't have anything to some quilting done, read a whole lot of books and apologies here, there's ways to much of it out there in if all bloggers we follow owe us a post of a regular basis...let life get in the way!!!!
Anywho...BELATED SQUEAL!!!!!  This actually came Christmas Eve...UPS was so busy that it arrived via a black pickup.

Here's a sneak peek at (just realized I haven't named it/her/him yet) sitting on the quilting table that Sweetie is putting together for me. The surface is permanent (may be some future modifications) but its base is a work in progress.  More pictures soon.

There grand kids (DS) over the holidays for a short visit...we're the halfway point on the way to Florida (his fathers residence) so they stopped on the way there and back.  Thanks to some super glue the snowmen are almost good as new.

The mat was a quilting doodle that turned out pretty good and I'm not into wasting fabric (even out dated mauve), so I slapped a totally machine applied practice binding (more out dated fabric) on and was please with my work.

There are more pictures in the que for future posts...It feels good to post!!!!



  1. Oh congratulations on the Juki, is it such a SWEET machine! You will love, love love it!

    1. I'm loving it the stitch quality. I miss your blog...not much for Facebook.

  2. Looks great to me! Good way to use your stash.

    1. Thanks Celia...a guild member was cleaning out her stash and gifted me a lot of dusty colors...great for practice without waste guilt feelings.