Saturday, January 18, 2014

Microfiber Design Board/Wall Creation

The guild is having an all day quilt in this month and I needed a portable design wall for some of the projects that I'm taking along.
I discovered some time ago that microfiber shop towels are really sticky when is come in contact with cotton fabric. First, just by washing the towels with other cotton items and having to peel them apart after drying. Then the light bulb went on when I was using the towels when I was prepping scraps from a scrap dive with sizing. I like to crisp up the scraps before I cut them to size.
The towels went down to keep my ironing board cover from getting any more ratty than it already is. I had some pieces of scrap placed for spraying but had to move the towel off the board to press something and saw just how well those pieces clung to the towel. You have to give that towel a vigorous shaking to get the pieces to come off (if they do at all).
 Just walking by a design wall using flannel, felt, or batting can create enough breeze to send your pieces to the floor...bushy dog tails can clean of your wall in one pass.
I sewed three sides of two towels sandwiched together (with what I decided were the stickiest sides together) and then turned it. Sweetie cut a 15 1/4" pieces of Luan (sp? very thin plywood) for me and I stretched the pocket over the Luan. The sides of the Luan was covered with masking tape because even with sanding the edges were still too snaggy.
To make it stand up, I used two cheap plastic picture stands that I've had forever. I binder clipped the base of the stand to the Luan and use actual faces of the frames as the feet of the portable design board. 
You can buy microfiber by the yard on-line and if I remember correctly, it's at least 50" wide. I plan on making large pockets for the foam insulation boards that I already use and I will have double sided design walls!

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