Monday, January 20, 2014

New Foot Pedal Stand For Juki TL-2010Q

It's always been a pain having the pedal skidding all over the cement floor. In the picture above it's corralled in between a big hunk of lumber and the power supply (which is butted up against a big paver block). My guilds first all day Sew In is next week and I didn't want to be constantly chasing this over the newly tiles floor at the church.

So....I grabbed the board and the pedal and headed down the path to Sweetie's shop. I handed the board and pedal to Sweetie and said I needed a rectangle made to go around the pedal. As usual, Sweetie thought my plan was flawed (he usually always does and usually concedes that my plan was pretty good after it's all said and done). However, this time I will would have been heavy and bulky.

So...I told him to get creative and make it more portable, but with the stipulation that board height was perfect for a comfortable foot angle while it completely took the thread cutter out of the equation while FMQing!!!

Less than 30 minutes and whaa-lah...Sweetie appears with my new pedal keeper. Now that's customer service!!!

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