Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Audiobook For The Shop

This is book two in the series featuring Sofie Metropolis...Greek P.I....a very pleasant listen. Hopefully the same reader will also do the third book in the series.  I'm not sure if there are more in the series...our small regional library only has three available to download.
I sure am becoming acclimated to Georgia weather...this hearty Wisconsin girl is cold...I feel for y'all having to deal with that bitter, face numbing arctic blast...I don't miss it. 
We had a scare here two days ago with our furnace...we woke up in the morning to low 50's temps in the house. The water drain tube from the furnace had frozen and when enough water had accumulated, it tripped a sensor and shut the furnace off.  Sweetie had to syphon the water out quite a few time before the tube cleared out. No wonder it's so dry in the house during the winter...your furnace really does suck a lot of moisture out of the air.
I'm sure most houses up North have floor drains in the basement and the furnace drains into the floor drain. I don't know if it's the norm here in Georgia, but we don't have a floor drain...maybe because the garage is under the house. Ours gets routed up and across the basement ceiling and out the side of the house under our back porch. Seems kind of strange to me.

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