Saturday, January 11, 2014

Using Full Line Stencil For All Over Quilting

This large all over quilt design quilts up really quickly...done before my new set up. I wasn't observant when I placed my order and ended up with the larger of the stencils for this design...something really larger than I wanted, but I was eager to use it, so it wasn't going back. It'll be good really for a quick quilting of a charity quilt.

On the smaller sample, the top half was marked with a regular plastic stencil and Pounce Powder. The bottom section was FMQ'ed after I had marked a grid with a Frixon pen and ruler.

I want to try out some Bottom Line thread by Superior, but am concerned about using an iron on it to make the Pounce Powder disappear...especially since the powder really is hard to get out of the stitch line unless the iron is really hot and you really dig down into the stitch line.
 So as an experiment, I dug out my cloths steamer to try and remove the powder and it was not successful at all. My iron set on synthetic was able to get most of the powder off but not deep in the stitch line.
For another experiment, I got out a Frixon making pen and put a line on this sample and used the steamer. The ink line disappeared but not the white line. Then I used the steam in my iron and that didn't budge it test your fabric before marking. I generally just use the pens for lighter fabric and use it in conjunction with the Pounce Powder to fill in a quilt design that doesn't show up on light sections of fabric.

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